Nisha Jillie Stark
» valar morghulis;
† the north remembers.

Backstreet boys, in a world like this I've got you.
{ Backstreet Soldier in the Backstreet Army

Leggo, scrivo, amo chi non sa.

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"Don’t make everyone know about your sadness."  - John Steinbeck (via feierwasduliebst) Registered & Protected

"Gli era venuta a un tratto una voglia irrefrenabile di piantare tutto e fuggire subito, immediatamente, senza salutare nessuno. Presentiva che, se fosse rimasto ancora pochi giorni soltanto là dov’era, quel mondo in cui si trovava l’avrebbe inghiottito, e non avrebbe più potuto trarsene fuori."  - F. Dostoevskij (via lalberodimelograno) Registered & Protected


Do you ever get jealous of someone who interacts really well with a really close friend of yours, not because you have a crush on your friend or anything but because you’re jealous of how much you pale in comparison to them when you see how much of a better friend they are to the one you’re close to? Registered & Protected


you haven’t replied in three minutes what did i do why do you hate me Registered & Protected


never ignore a person who loves you, cares for you, and misses you. because one day, you might wake up from your sleep and realize that you lost the moon while counting the stars. Registered & Protected


It’s depressing seeing how many people give up on their dreams at a young age because they’re told to “be realistic”. Registered & Protected